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Why laminate (encapsulate) paper?
What is laminating?

Laminating is the process whereby printed paper is sealed airtight between 2 polyester films. The heat causes the sticking layer to seal with the paper and film and bond it. The varying laminating processes are explained in our laminating 1×1.

What is Dolphin Film?

Dolphin Film is a high performance Polyester (PET) film with excellent properties for industrial laminating. The laminating film, which is sold as rolled goods as well as film pouches is of a very high standard.

What are the advantages of laminating?

Laminated prints are protected on all sides and are sealed watertight. The paper has a longer life expectancy and can be used in many ways. The glossy film has an expensive look and the image is pin sharp. The matt film creates a sophisticated looking surface and a real sense of well-being.

Which are the main application areas for paper sealing?

The main areas which apply heat sealing include technical instruction and operating manuals, notices in workshops such as maintenance-, emergency-, escape-, vaccination- and building plans. Other areas include pharmaceutical information sheets, information and warning signs, advertising posters as well as maps and important documents in shops, factories, laboratories, not forgetting outside areas in restaurants such as place mats and menus. Large posters and prints, both in- and outdoors, achieve an improved optical brilliance through lamination.

How long does service lamination take?

The speed laminator can laminate up to 2000 A4 sheets per hour. The time depends on the laminate strength. If you have any questions about service lamination please fill out the contact form.